Key messages from local governments on LESD


In order to consolidate the messages of our leaders on the topic of local economic and social development towards the V Global Forum, the Committee launches the document “Key messages from local governments on local economic and social development" with the aim of collecting contributions that will enrich the discussion.

This publication aims to order key proposals that will encourage reflection and debate in upcoming exchange spaces, such as the V World Forum of Local Economic Development. 

It is proposed to discuss, provide ideas, concepts and proposals that will contribute to the process of reflection and commitment of local governments with sustainable economic and social development where no one is left behind.

The document is articulated in three main content axes:

1. The territory as the basis of social, economic and environmental innovation

2. Territorial economic and productive models to address inequality

3. The future of work and the work of the future from a territorial perspective.

The document is expected to be developed through a participatory process, so we encourage your contributions by e-mail to or through this form